Darkeport - Campaign 1: Gold, Green, and RedExplicit

by Darkeport Productions

“Campaign One, “Gold, Green, and Red”, is primarily a war story. Specifically, it chronicles the burgeoning city of Juramentum’s fight to determine its freedom-embracing fate. As the only city in the entire world of Terra not to utilize the institute of slavery, it stands as a shining beacon of hope for what could yet be. Likewise, “The Secret of the Word” (literacy) is legal in Juramentum, unlike everywhere else in this dar ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Arc 1 Round Table Discussion

    Arc 1 Round Table Discussion

    The Troupe reflects on the experience of starting the channel, what they learned, and what comes next.

  • Hold the Line! Part 1

    Hold the Line! Part 1

    "The Gathering" Arc Finale The Fellowship must defend their home with all that they are. Will the Dream endure?

  • In Context

    In Context

    With their elders gone, the Fellowship faces a new, grim era and is forced to plan for the struggle ahead. A gruesome discovery in the arboretum further shakes the community.

  • Clarity


    The situation with the slaver ship Ceres finds resolution. Lady Julia Drusa Caepia Zosh delivers Leptis Regium's terms of annexation in-person.

  • Port of Call

    Port of Call

    Having completed important individual journeys, the Fellowship reunites in time to receive an official visitor in unforgettable fashion.