Light Languages, Radical Presence and Bullshit-Free Mysticism with Junko Nagao.

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes
It was crush at first sight the first time I met Junko Nagao at a Pechakucha event at which we were both presenting – me on the Language of Neutrality, and Junko on Light Languages. And so it was that I invited her on the podcast to talk about how a geopolitical insider gets roped into such an über-out there spiritual path, and oodles of other things. (Timeline jump caveat: This podcast was – obviously – recorded on the Virgo full moon) Find Part 2 here: If you’re interested in signing up your teen for my last-ever LIVE, virtual Pop Propaganda 10-week home school course, click the Pop Prop course link at www. ...   ...  Read more
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