Episode notes

Fun fact: I never set out to do an interview-style podcast. Alas, when life threw me some unforeseen curveballs, I rolled with it, and thus decided to interview visionaries, vanguards and original thinkers who are consciously expanding the edges of consciousness and reality.

And so it was that while I was rolling out my fascia, and delighting in the relationship I continue to cultivate with it, that GST founder, Anna Rahe leapt to the forefront of my mind.

I used to take Anna’s GST classes, back when we were both in LA. The practice changed my life, and completely transformed my relationship with my body. Anna’s mastery of physiology and fascia is unmatched, and truly dazzling. It’s a next-level, quantum sort of understanding that puts Anna in a league of her own. She also has this unique ability to translate what she knows about the  ... 

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