The Lay of the (New Mexico) Land with Karen Bedonie

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes

It was my great honor and pleasure to interview Karen Bedonie, a New Mexico/Navajo native running for governor. The first time I heard Bedonie speak, I was overcome with full body chills, as well as a tsunami of hope, given the depth and breadth of her knowledge, as well as her courage and willingness to call out all the nonsense, and stand for the New Mexico people.

Today’s conversation is our first, and thus offers a broad overview of Bedonie’s perspectives, positions and proposed policies. As a means of supporting Bedonie, and helping to get her message out to the people, I am breaking from my usual podcast format, and sharing our conversation, in its entirety, with the public, instead of making the second half available for paid supporters only on my Locals and Patreon platforms.

That being said, as you are inspired to support my  ... 

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