Taking the Collective Temperature with Ascentia Fox

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes

Ascentia Fox is an ordained priestess, a death doula, birth doula, plant medicine ceremonialist and a dear sister. I invited her on the show to weigh on in the Masculine/Feminine situation, given her über expansive perspective which allows her to tap into the liminal, the Divine, and the realms of mystery. The conversation is a bit of a departure from our usual format, as Ascentia is a bit of an enigma, and shows up in kind. It’s less of a conversation, and more like an interview, and meanders a bit slower than my other exchanges. And, like Ascentia herself, it’s chock-full of deep wisdom and expansive illuminations. I recommend brewing a nice cup of magical tea, and cozying up for a rich conversation.

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