“Why Can’t We Deny the Holocaust? with Beth Lapides”

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes

It was an honor to speak to my teacher, friend and muse, alt comedy legend, Beth Lapides. Beth is the founder of Uncabaret, as well an artist, author, performer and creativity coach. We shared an edgy, illuminating conversation about aaalll the things, including:

• The limitations of traditional comedic format then and now

• Comedian Andrew Dice Clay is an unlikely catalyst

• Culture, Art and Performance of the 1990s as compared to the present

• Living in a culture of regulated and hierarchical denial

• The holocaust: Why can’t we deny it?

• Free Speech Absolutism and other bad ass business

• Devotion and Desire: The hunger for authentic curiosity in an enflamed culture

• Louis CK – bad guy or just a complex human being?

• A tale of a recovering know it all and the liberation of not knowing

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