Three Words that Are Turning Your Good Intentions into Curses

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes

An in-depth look at how well-intended advice turns sour and sucky when delivered with these three words you’re using all day, every day. A Quantum Langugaing deep dive that promises to improve your every relationship.

  • 2 examples of language projection ‘curses’
  • Hate speech is real and not what we think it is
  • Unsolicited advice~ ask permission or stay in your lane
  • Saturn return’s myth of doom
  • Check in with each other’s energy- masculine/feminine
  • Conflict of making “You” statements
  • Up-levelling communication by practicing non-violent communication
  • Coming from love while projecting fear & fortune-telling
  • Fear compromises critical thinking and increases susceptibility to propaganda
  • Drawing boundaries to manage those who spread verbal curses
  • Be mindful of the ... 
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