“Trans” Spell-Casting, Psychedelic Moderating and Verbing Nouns: A Solo Pod Romp with Yours Truly

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes

I’m loving these solo podcasts. It allows me to log little half-thoughts over the course of a handful of weeks, and then talk ‘em through in real time with you, the best podcast tribe a girl could ask for. This one was no exception. Show notes below the resource links you totally wanna click, hasta pronto. Dream Arc Initiation Retreat:https://genekeys.com/dream-arc-retreat/ref/1763/ Pop Propaganda Registration Survey:https://forms.gle/Ub4kTrVCxehTdWbU9 Work with me:www.quantumlanguaging.com Show notes:

  • The normalization of the military word “deploy”

  • Identity cages~ “verbing nouns” to powerf ... 

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