From Alt. Journalism to SEL with LA Weekly Founder Jay Levin

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes
Full disclosure: This was a weird podcast. I had invited my friend and colleague, LA Weekly founder, Jay Levin on the podcast to talk about censorship and the social-emotional learning work he's been doing since leaving journalism. Truth be typed, I was way more interested in talking about the state of journalism, given that Jay had given birth to the coolest alt weekly the country has seen (I say this totally objectively, despite having written for the paper for nine years ;) ), and is now seeing the world through a very different lens than I am. I guess I thought that a 1:1 conversation would snap us out of our various angles of mind control, and allow us to hear and grok one another's perspectives, and forge the way for common ground and healing.Spoiler alert: It didn't go down like this.I am breaking from my usual format of putting the second ha ...   ...  Read more
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