Podcasts Are Not Journalism + I'm No Waiter's Bitch: A Solo Pod Romp

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes
Recorded on Independence Day, my latest solo romp has me touching in on the following:• the blessing of growing up as an outspoken, independent woman in the United States• in what dimension are my female contemporaries too marginalized and disemepowered to use their voices?• podcasts aren't journalism• weaponized customer service in the restaurant realm• on pathology projections and the Masculine urge to fixPart 2 is available for paying supporters on: danikatz.locals.comwww.patreon.com/danikatz Part 2 includes my take on: • astrological bigotry, and why cancer suns seem to be the most triggered by my Quantum Languaging reflections• hierarchical languaging reflections from the MAPS conference • weaponized customer se ...   ...  Read more
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