Dying Well + Rebelling with Dignity with Stephen Jenkinson.

WORD UP with Dani Katz by dani katz

Episode notes
It was SUCH an honor and a pleasure to exchange words and thoughts and smiles with Stephen Jenkinson. I have very few role models. Perhaps Hypatia or Joan of Arc, but given that they both died before I took incarnation this go around, I have no idea if the way they rolled would really, truly jive with me. Stephen Jenkinson is one of a handful of contemporaries who genuinely inspire me. His work had a powerful effect on me back in 2014, when I was supporting my friend – another Stephen – through the dying process. I have since watched his documentary (“Griefwalker”), read some of his books, and seen him perform with his band. I am consistently and actively struck by his wisdom, humility, dignity, presence, charisma, and – of course – word wizardry. This conversation was such a treat for me, despite the nervousness, and the time constraints, which had ...   ...  Read more
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