Artists Climate Collective: Sustainability in the Dance World

Dancer Talks by McCall Sheetz

Episode notes

On this episode of Dancer Talks I spoke with Artists Climate Collective Co-Founder Madeline Bez. We spoke about her organization, Artists Climate Collective, a collective of dance artists dedicated to using art as a tool to grow environmental awareness, share resources and build community as we fight for a more sustainable future. We also spoke about sustainability in the dance world, and steps dancers and companies can make to become more sustainable in their daily lives. I hope you enjoy this episode! Please like and subscribe for more episodes. About Madeline Bez: Madeline is one of the co-founders of Artists Climate Collective (ACC), as well as a freelance artists in New York City. When she was 18 she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and seeing the quickly melting glaciers brought a new awareness and urgency to the importance of climate change. Tho ... 

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