Ali Block: Dancer Mental Health and Perfectionism

Dancer Talks by McCall Sheetz

Episode notes
Does being a perfectionism make you a better dancer? Listen to this week's episode to find out! I had the pleasure of chatting with Ali Block. Ali Block is a professional ballet dancer in New York City as well as graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Psychology. She is currently researching perfectionism and how it relates to professional ballet dancers. In this episode we chatted about the research that Ali is doing currently. We also talked about: does being a perfectionist actually make you a better dancer?, how to capitalize on the "dancer mentality" of being a perfectionist while also finding balance that will make you a better dancer, mental health tips for a longer dance career, why going to college is valuable for dancers, what the future of dance psychology research looks like, "re-humanising", and more!You can follow Ali Block o ...   ...  Read more