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كانت الدني صيف، وميرا ما عندها مدرسة، عطلة وحتقضّي النهار عند بيت ستها وجدها. بس قبل ما يروح البابا عالشغل، طلبت منّه يخبّرها قصّة عنّ لمّا كان زغير، وخبّرها عن طريق سحريّة وصّلته لعند رفقاته، اسمعوا القصة بالعربي قبل النوم

It was summer, and Mira didn't have school, and she was spending the day at her grandparent's house. But before her dad left to work, she asked him for a short story of when he was little like her. He told her of a magical road that took him to his friends. Listen to the story in Arabic before bedtime. Find out more about dadtime stories on our website dadtimestories.me Follow us on instagram and share with us your thoughts and stories to inspire future ones. And if you're lov ... 

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