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Episode 11: Dr. Anta-Clarisse Sarr

CycloPod by David De Vleeschouwer

Episode notes

Anta-Clarisse Sarr is our guest for CycloPod Episode 11 on www.cyclostratigraphy.org. Anta-Clarisse is a postdoc in CEREGE and, there, she used a Earth System Model to study the effect of topography on Miocene monsoon systems (Sarr et al., 2022, Nature Geoscience). Her results have major implications for many of the work presented by previous CycloPod interviewees! The Intro music of this podcast is again an excerpt of a piece based on the North Atlantic Oscillation from the "Aphrodite's Dew" book and CD project by Arvid Tomayko and Sandro Montanari. Check out more of their work at arvidtomayko.com.

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