Episode 9: Arne Ulfers

CycloPod by David De Vleeschouwer

Episode notes

Our ninth CycloPod on www.cyclostratigraphy.org has Arne Ulfers as our guest (LIAG, Hannover, Germany). Half-precession cycles usually have a low-latitude origin, but can also be observed outside of the tropics. In his 2022 Quaternary Science Reviews paper, Arne figures out how far north half-precession signatures can be distinguished. Spoiler Alert: At Lake Ohrid (North-Macedonia / Albania), they are clearly expressed in lacustrine sediments of the last 1 million years. The Intro music of this podcast is again an excerpt of a piece based on the North Atlantic Oscillation from the "Aphrodite's Dew" book and CD project by Arvid Tomayko and Sandro Montanari. Check out more  ... 

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