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by Imani Barbarin

Writer, blogger and content creator Imani Barbarin talks to other disabled people about the things that matter to disabled folk. Subscribe and Support on Patreon! Transcripts at

Podcast episodes

  • #CantMarryMyLove with Tito Quevedo

    #CantMarryMyLove with Tito Quevedo

    In this episode, Imani talks with her boyfriend, Tito Quevedo, about going into a relationship knowing marriage wasn't an option because of healthcare needs.

  • Ableism in Dating with Marina Carlos

    Ableism in Dating with Marina Carlos

    Imani talks with friend Marina Carlos about discrimination and ableism while dating. Yikes!

  • Internalized ableism.

    Internalized ableism.

    Imani talks about the affects of ableism turned inward and how you can separate the thoughts of your own from those the world tells you to think about disability.