Crimes of the Basquelands by Julie Garcia and Douglas De Carvalho

Episode notes

In this week’s special episode, Julie and Douglas are joined by our good friends Iñigo and Ramón to unravel a truly harrowing true crime tale. Picture this: it’s May of 1976, and the Carlist movement’s annual pilgrimage to the picturesque mountain Montejurra in Navarre, near Estella, takes a dark and deadly turn.

This isn’t your typical historical narrative. This episode adopts a more conversational tone and a chaotic vibe that perfectly suits the turbulent story we’re about to share. The pilgrimage, intended to be a peaceful event, devolved into a violent clash between different factions within the Carlist movement and left-wing activists. When the dust settled, there were two lives tragically lost and many others left wounded.

So, kick back, relax, and prepare to join us in a discussion that feels like a spirited conversation among  ... 

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