The Fishman of Lierganes

Crimes of the Basquelands by Julie Garcia and Douglas De Carvalho

Episode notes

In this episode, Julie and Douglas transport you to 1650, to the village of Liérganes in Cantabria, Spain. After facing hardship after the passing of her husband, a Lierganes mother sends one of her sons, Francisco, to Bilbao to learn carpentry.

Tragedy struck in 1674 when Francisco vanished while swimming in Bilbao's estuary. He was presumed drowned. However, in 1679, fishermen encountered a strange creature tangled in their nets in Cadiz's bay. What they found was astonishing—a young man with white skin, red hair, and fish-like features, including scales on his throat, spine, and gills on his neck.

Join us as we dive into the mysterious story of Francisco de la Vega Casar and the baffling sea creature. Julie and Douglas will be your storytellers in this captivating tale that blurs the line between reality and legend.