Stories from the Creek

by Curt Iles


Welcome to our Creekbank Stories podcast.

We believe you'll enjoy our stories shared from the heart.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • A Dry Creek Haircut

    A Dry Creek Haircut

    A Dry Creek Haircut You'll enjoy meeting one of the influencers of childhood, Pete Harper, Dry Creek's Circuit-Riding. You can read the blog post at View the story at our YouTube channel,

  • The Old House aat the End of the Road

    The Old House aat the End of the Road

    The Old House at the End of the Road If it’s possible to love a house like a person, Then the Lord knows I love this old house. It’s a place that reminds me of family, And the things in life that really mean the most. It’s a place I return to when I’m lonely. . . . . . Or it seems I’ve lost my way. A place where I always feel welcome, As I sit down and think for a while. This old house is more than boards and nails Because it tells me of our past . . . As I walk through it, I’m reminded that The special people in our lives never last. Although they’re gone, I will remember How they still live on inside of me. Because this old house reminds me of who I am, And everything I ever want to be . . . The Old House . . . at the end of the road. To learn more, visit

  • Professor Cavanaugh's Best Lecture

    Professor Cavanaugh's Best Lecture

    Some lessons are timeless. "Professor Cavanaugh's Best Lecture" still affects and moves readers. As always, Enjoy! More at

  • Six Feet Deep in Trouble

    Six Feet Deep in Trouble

    The best stories are always fun to tell. "Six Feet" is one of those. It's a true story, although I might have embellished it some. (All memorable stories are embellished; some more than others). Like any remarkable story, "Six Feet" offers lessons on grief, empathy, and connection. It's set within the rollicking story of a grave being dug in the wrong place at Dry Creek Cemetery. As always, Enjoy! Curt

  • Leaning Trees

    Leaning Trees

    Thoughts after Hurricane Rita: My small stand of young pines are leaning. State forester Paul Frey, “Don’t give up on these leaning pines. Most will straighten up and grow tall. Don’t lose your investment.” Don’t give up on those leaning trees. I’ve worked with teenagers all of my life. I’ve seen my share of “Leaning Teens.” They were bent due to a whole host of reasons. Don’t give up on those leaning teens. Over time, they will grow tall and straight.