Episode One: Who Are We? Why Are We Here?

Creating Dangerously by Skip Shea

Episode notes

Now that we've got Episode Zero out of the way, it's time to get down to it. Our hosts Skip Shea, Andrea Wolanin and Patrick Bracken discuss what it means to Create Dangerously.

Creating Dangerously, is based on the lecture by Albert Camus which he gave on December 14, 1957 at Uppsala University in Sweden, four days after he gave his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In it he said “To create today means to create dangerously. Every publication is a deliberate act, and that act makes us vulnerable to the passions of a century that forgives nothing."

What has changed? We have lived through things like the September 11 attack, to a pandemic to the new threat of the rise of fascism globally. Again. This century also forgives nothing.

This episode we will start to explore artists past and present who are  ... 

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