Episode 60: Kasvot Växt (Scandinavian Prog Rock)

Published: Oct 27 2020

We recently made contact with Jules Haugen, Cleif Jarvinen, Horst Guomundurson, and Georg Guomundurson, who are members of an obscure and influential prog rock quartet from Scandinavia known as Kasvot Växt. Some say they do not exist, but does this audio recording suggest otherwise, my phriends?

Kasvot Växt released one full-length record back in 1981 titled “í rokk” and recently re-surfaced into the public consciousness when a Burlington, VT band known as Phish performed “í rokk” in its entirety on Halloween night in Las Vegas in 2018. We traveled back in time to 1981 and discussed their humble beginnings working on a scientific research project in Greenland called "Nine Cubes," recording at Elektrisk Tung, cover art, Pannukakku, and much much more!

FYI - On October 31st, as part of the Dinner and A Movie series, Phish will be streaming some of their past Halloween performances including the 2018 Kasvot Växt set and personally, I cannot be more excited to watch!