Episode 57 - Kerriann Curtis (Japanese edition)

Published: Sep 15 2020

Today we have a guest who paid us a visit back in Episode 17. She is one Kerriann Curtis. Kerriann has created an Instagram series of paintings showcasing her own work titled Art for the Afterlife, which you should most certainly check out @kerricurtisart . We discussed a piece of music by Mrs. Green Apple, a rock quintet from Tokyo. For our conversation, Kerriann has transcribed lyrics from Japanese to English of a song titled “Who Are You?” which will serve as a bit of a guidepost to our conversation. For fans of music that possess a high-octane energy such as The Get Up Kids, Kali Masi, Yellowcard and The Great Heights Band, I highly recommend making Mrs. Green Apple a staple in your record collection. Enjoy!