Episode 97: Fine Lace (Singer-Songwriter)

Cover to Cover with Matt Tarka by Matt Tarka

Episode notes

Our guest today is one Fine Lace. She is a 28 year old indie singer-songwriter from Idaho currently based in Seattle. In 2020 she released the first 2 songs off her upcoming EP centered on mental health ("Hold On" and "Amazing Mom (Infertility Song)"). Producing music got put on hold last year when in her own words gave birth to a “little miracle baby” but says she should be back in the studio sometime in 2022.

For our conversation today, she has chosen is "We Can Still Sing" by Nashville based singer-songwriter Allison Leah. We Can Still Sing is a song inspired by the hundreds of people singing from their balconies in 2020 during the current and ongoing global health pandemic ... 

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