Episode 82: Matt Wheeler (Musician)

Published: Sep 07 2021

Our guest today is one Matt Wheeler. The terms "troubadour", "poet with a guitar", & "stage banter-conversationalist" all describe Matt Wheeler's music & performance style well. Matt’s songwriting paints pictures with words. Matt has delighted audiences from New England to North Carolina, Ontario to Chicago. His new album "Wonder of it All" - a collection of songs based on classic works of literature like "The Little Prince" & "The Hobbit", was released on 5/21/21.

For our conversation today, we are going to be discussing Ongiara “ahn-gee-AR-uh”, with a hard “g - the third studio album by Canadian folk rock band Great Lake Swimmers, released on March 27, 2007. The album was released on Nettwerk and the band recorded most of the album in London, Ontario's historic music venue Aeolian Hall with producer Andy Magoffin.

For those wondering, Ongiara is the name of a boat that ferried the band to the site where they recorded the first demo. It’s also the original indigenous name of Niagara Falls. Enjoy and thanks for listening!