What is COVENANTS Specialized Pastoral Care/Christian Counseling Ministry?

by Dr. Michael David Clay

A unique combination of CHRISTIAN COUNSELING and Pastoral Care. Each Episode is filled with both God's WORD, as well contemporary, evidenced-based counseling help. "What is COVENANTS Specialized Pastoral Care/Christian Counseling Ministry?" addresses the need for practical and Bible-directed advice in managing life. CONTACT: Michael David Clay, D. Min, MA, covenants.llc1@yahoo.com. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E34 - Rules for Life.

    S01 E34 - Rules for Life.

    Nothing wrong with rules! In the VOID of total FREEDOM, someone is going to ALWAYS take over. Trouble being, who's making the RULES, and will it truly end up being EQUITABLE for ALL concerned. With God the RULES always have to ...

  • S01 E33 - Jesus Talk.

    S01 E33 - Jesus Talk.

    There is no greater joy in life than to share Jesus with others. WORD saves, as well brings us ALL together as ONE in Jesus Christ. Use your word to spread the GOOD NEWS WORD of Jesus Christ. CONTACT us: 304-528-9220; EMAIL us:...

  • S01 E32 - Don't QUIT!

    S01 E32 - Don't QUIT!

    God has intentioned to both fulfill our calling in Jesus Christ, as well the purposes of this calling in our own unique way. Satan would desire nothing greater than to DISCOURAGE us to the point of QUITTING upon ourselves, God, an...

  • S01 E31 - Christmas in July.

    S01 E31 - Christmas in July.

    Give the "gift" that "keeps on giving." Love God and others as yourself. This is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. Contact us @ 304-528-9220; Email us @ Covenants.LLC1@yahoo.com; Find us on the WEB @ CovenantsChristianCounseling.com; or...

  • S01 E30 - Who are you?

    S01 E30 - Who are you?

    Not wholly whom we think we are, but whom God has called us to be. From beginning to end, God has a definite in mind as to our eventual finish. As much many unique paths, ALL of us are without FAIL, called to be unto the likeness ...