EP - 27 Roundtable: Super Galactic Humans share: Mary Beaver, Apollymi & Ileana ~ Do U Have MetaGodGene? Angel Lineage? Decoded Secrets Reveal …

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes
Enjoy our Roundtable with 3 powerful, yet gracious Secret Space Program & Super Soldiers - Mary Beaver, Apollymi Mandylion & Ileana, Star Traveler. My special guest, Mary is from one of the most powerful Prime Archangel Bloodlines and Phoenician lineage dating back 75,000 years. She is only 1 of 8 people in the world that can Decode the ancient Phoenician language and share secrets contained in them and other texts. Learn about different Angelic lineages and how Humanity was created with a Noid Gene and what that is! Discover if you have the much-coveted God Metagene and more. All 3 guests, Mary, Apollymi, & Ileana collaborate on so many truths: Discover over 100 points discussed - just scroll down this list. Enjoy! Topics • Short Bios – all 3 with Multi ET contact & meetings • Mary Beaver: Phoenician Linguist Specialist, Prime Archa ...   ...  Read more