1st TIME DETAILS of the FALL of ANGELS & HEAVEN - Hangin’ Out with Celestial Deities ~ Super Soldier Apollymi- Part 5

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Welcome back to Cosmic Brilliance for Part 5 of our copyrighted mini-series with Dragon/Elf Super Soldier Apollymi Mandylion.

For the 1st Time Apollymi will reveal True Details about Heaven, Archangels, Yahweh, & Famous Deities. This show was designed as a fun "Celestial Deity Reality Show"!

Learn what historically happened with Yahweh, the Fall of Angels & the Fall of Heaven. Apollymi was there and will share her "In-Person" stories of training and Hangin' out with 31 historically renowned Deities.

This show would be best to watch on YouTube as we've done our absolute best to obtain pictures that look like each Deity or Archangel as she saw them. She also shares some insider scoop regarding their personalities, quirks & passions.

Enjoy! ~ A Show Not to Be Missed ~