FOUR BODIES of HUMANS: OVERSOUL-HIGHER SELF-ASTRAL-PHYSICAL BODY ~ Is Our Creator Perfect & much more! By Super Soldier Apollymi Mandylion, Part 3

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Apollymi Mandylion, a Dragon/Elf/Pleiadian Super Soldier, is back to share in Part 3 of our copyrighted mini-series, a multitude of significant facts that include little-known information re: the Operation Manual to Understand Your Soul's Journey from Prime Creator Source - down through 4 Bodies (or Stages) to your present Physical Body.

Please listen to previous parts so you won’t be ‘lost’. I aim to provide actionable data and real people who have ‘boots on the ground” and “wings in the skies.” In Apollymi’s case, her wings are literal.

On Cosmic Brilliance, you are not just exploring the limited perspective of an ant-view from ‘bottom up’ - but rather from the ‘top down’ – Source Creator Itself, Creator Councils and How that impacts you. That’s where original creational ideas & ‘experiments’ like our Universe start – geared to ... 

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