GOD/SOURCE UNIVERSE DETAILS for 1ST TIME! by Dragon/Elf Super Soldier, Apollymi Mandylion - Part 1

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Apollymi Mandylion came here from Source Creator’s 1st Universe. Apollymi and I are doing this copyrighted mini-series and book, on rarely-if-ever revealed information about Source Creator’s 1st Universe that’s NOT ‘Free Will’ and Our 'Free-Will’ Experimental Universe called “The Grand Experiment”.

In 43 years of research, I have never found anyone that was from Source Creator’s 1st Universe and could explain so many details providing this unique perspective about our journey as Galactic Beings reincarnating on Earth. May this assist to more fully understand what we are facing now regarding the why and what for our near future on Earth.

Topics: • Hybridization between humans – High Priority Galactically • All Humans in this 5th Era of MAN are hybrids with unique genetics • Apollymi’s Body from Source Creator – 5 Rare genetics: Dragon/ ... 

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