History of Original Noble Dragons - A Journey Home - Performed by Adam Apollo, Guardian Alliance

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Sirian Galactic Ambassador Adam Apollo accessed his Akashic Records from previous lives and is fully activated as an Earth Guardian that is in contact with Extradimensionals and teaches many subjects including “The Unification of Science & Spirituality through Unified Field Theoretics”.

We have identical passions particularly centered around the importance of educating the people of Earth about the truth of who they are and their Galactic History. He speaks of “The Quantum Gravitational Lattice & Unified Harmonic Matrix” that no one talks about, sacred geometry, starships, Replicators and energy systems, Ancient Wisdom and History, and the bridging of science & consciousness.

So, obviously, I resonated deeply with him and his work.

Unfortunately, he is so busy that he has no time for interviews but gave me permission ... 

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