GROUND-BREAKING DETAILS! Advanced Tech: Hall of Records/Pyramids/Space Arks by Ileana Star Traveler – Part 1

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

This show is Part 1 with my experienced guest, Ileana Star Traveler.

She will reveal EXACT GROUND-BREAKING DETAILS on the ADVANCED TECH found underneath the Pyramids and the close by ancient HALLS OF RECORDS & Underground Tunnels scattered around the world.

Ileana is literally a 'Cosmic Brilliant Traveling Universal Encyclopedia!’

*You will hear for the first time the Exact Details of How the Giza 3 Pyramids were built, Who built & Designed the pyramids, What specific Tech was used, How the different tech worked, the specific functions of the Pyramids, What & How Crystal Discs are used for, and much more.

*You will also see rare photos of tunnels inside the Giza Sphinx.

* First-time detailed answers to over 20 questions (see bullets)

**Please Note: This show has a mutually agreed upon purpo ... 

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