Merrily Milmoe Shares Africa Journey & Healing 3 "no cure for" Illnesses with 'Helpers from Above'

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

The world is introduced to Merrily's bubbly-telling of her fascinating journey through Africa from which she contracted 3 'no-cure for' diseases and healed them very fast with help from ‘friends from above’. This show that was extended by producer's decision due to many people calling in excited about the show and she was spontaneously given a 2nd extra hour. So, Merrily continued offering guidance on:

How to heal, Why you are here, and more ... 'in the flow' sharing. Enjoy!

* Merrily Milmoe's first Introduction to “Helpers From Above”

* Understanding We are Co-Creators participating in an amazing journey

* Positive Opportunities from the "C" experience

Remembering we have Choice Earth's Original Life Charter - "Library Planet"

* How to Reset from negative thinking in 1 minute

* Merrily's 5 Favor ... 

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