Archaeological ET Evidence: Time Travel, Hall of Records, & Golden Thrones, with Peter Moon - Pt 1

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

My Favorite remarkable 2003 Archaeological Discovery never publicly disclosed!

Of all the hidden archeological discoveries that I have researched so far, the Bucegi Mountain Romanian discoveries have been absolute proof that the most brilliant advanced ET galactic family the size of giants have been on earth before and left advanced technological proof for us!

Radu Cinamar, reincarnated adept, chose Peter Moon to write his Transylvania series of books that tell of a secret chamber beneath the Romanian sphinx containing Holographic Records of Earth’s history, ET Bio-Resonance Holographic Imaging Technology of Human DNA, and

on-world and off-world Giant ETs.

Also explored were three significant mysterious tunnels that led to the deep secrets of “Inner Earth” civilizations and a City of Gold Thrones! Listen to find out where  ... 

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