7 Upright Feline & ET Species at 2nd Interstellar Treaty Conference in Iran-Jo Ann Richards, Pt 2

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

You will learn for the first time a portal opening up and an ET neutron bomb sent through a wormhole that would have destroyed Earth in 1971 - very close call !

Discover 7 Galactic ET species that attended 2nd Interstellar Treaty Conference that took place in Persepolis, Iran in 1971. (Actual photos &graphics of the ET species & dignitaries included). Human beings along with other ET species had to Scientifically Prove their indigenous nature - to ensure their rights on Earth. More than 200 Extraterrestrials attended- all with special requirements for food and habitats.

Humans were largely helped by Contessa Leona, scholar & archeologist of the upright Feline Humanoid species - Panthera Eterna.

• Panthera Eterna Felines: Contessa Leona, & mate Catafalque (hero)

• Coleoptera Astro-Proxima (CAP) "Clicker" War ... 

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