10 Non-Humanoid Species & their Talents on Mars & in Galaxy with Captain Randy Cramer

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Captain Randy Cramer, Super Soldier for the US Marine Corps, Special Sections, has been on the Intergalactic Space Station conversing peacefully with Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrials, as well as on Mars and even farther reaches of space. Join us as he shares his experiences and knowledge of Raptors, Insectoids, Mantids, Antids, Aquatics, Cephlapods/Octopus, Avians, Giant Centipedes, Large Spiders, and ‘Creepers’

Learn about their:

*Strength, speed and agility of the Insectoid ETs

*Dare from his 1st wife to walk up to a group of 5-foot tall Antids on Mars

Trade agreement with a Cephlapod/ Octopus & their amazing abilities (Hint: Arrival movie) Aquatics; like the upright Shark species and others

*Dyson Builder Tree Frog ETs; their brilliance and longevity

*Most unusual ET species Randy met

*Most  ... 

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