ETs Cleared from Solar System & Building HUGE Dyson Spheres with Capt. Randy Cramer

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Randy Cramer, Super Soldier for U.S. Marine Corps Special Sections, did a 30-year tour and is still active. Seventeen years were with the Mars Defense Force on 'Forward Station Zebra'. Thirteen years were with the Earth Defense Force and fleet; protecting Earth and the solar system.

*Learn what percentage of our solar system is NOW FREE from problematic pirate scavenger ET species that have been coming to earth for a long time to grab minerals, water, supplies, and worse.

*More descriptions and abilities of the 2 ET species Randy dealt with on Mars

*Hear stories of his visits with Inner Earth beings & how they have recently assisted us

*Find out how Randy found his way home piloting a non-operational fighter spacecraft when his electronics were fried by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse weapon)

*What’s an average day ... 

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