Beneficial ET Technology Roll-Outs & New Currency with Super Soldier Capt. Randy Cramer

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Captain Randy Cramer, Super Soldier for U.S. Marine Corps, Special Sections did a 30-year tour and is still active. Seventeen years were with the Mars Defense Force on Forward Station Zebra. Thirteen years were with the Earth Defense Force and fleet; protecting Earth and the solar system.

* What currency or trade are we moving toward? Is it physical, electronic, or both?

* How many other interstellar planetary worlds are already connecting with civilian private contractors and corporations?

* What other beneficial technologies will be coming forward? Replicators, 3D organ printing, free energy, anti-gravity cars, healing with Tesla & Rife frequencies and sound, & approximately when?

* Randy says he has recently been 'cleared' to tell civilians of a startling event that he has been told by his superiors will most l ... 

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