How Med Beds Regenerated His Body with Super Soldier Capt. Randy

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Discover how Super Soldier Captain Randy Cramer, U.S. Marine Corps, special sections, regenerated on Holographic Medical Bed & Interstellar Trading with 100’s of ETs

* Randy spent a 30-year tour with the Secret Space Program (SSP), Earth Defense Force (EDF); including one 17-year tour on Mars Defense Force (MDF)

Description of ET species Randy met. ET infiltrations & skirmishes; the truth about Mars

Randy’s experiences on the Holographic Regenerating Medical Beds getting his arm and body completely healed within hours! Med Beds regrow limbs; cure all diseases including cancer; age-regress an older body to a younger body; and allow for a much longer age with high quality so you can have fun and contribute more!

* Randy shares his journey to the Ambassadorial Trading Station near Jupiter ~ where hun ... 

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