You as Starseed or Earthling? Your Voluntary Selection Process - Meet Activators of ‘Space Arks’ & ‘Hall of Records’

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

This show is one of my top favorites - so far! We really drill down into all the detailed specifics that have not been asked or answered before. I asked Elena to take us all through - from the very beginning - when the call went out to All Us Souls — asking for volunteers to incarnate on earth and who would have to pass strict tests beforehand -- because Terra/Earth and the galaxy needed to be liberated! You learn Why, Who, Where, How & When this journey you are on started - right now! You will also learn the 2 ways of incarnating: What SPECIFIC GROUP was in charge to help & HOW- incarnation to Earth/Terra happens, honoring free will. You will learn the two kinds of hybrids. You will learn the natural way of a soul and the forced way. You will learn what needs to happen to have MED BEDS here. You will also learn what Human Activators are  ... 

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