Intel on Med Beds & Fake vs. Real 'ET-invasion scenario' with Captain Randy Cramer

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

This video is an interactive organic back-and-forth interview with Captain Randy Cramer, US Marine Corps, ss, Augmented Super Soldier. Captain Randy Cramer returns - Super Soldier for U.S. Marine Corps, special sections (ss). He did a 30-year tour of duty and is still active. Seventeen years were with the Mars Defense Force (MDF) on forward station Zebra Base. Thirteen years were with the Earth Defense Force (EDF) and fleet; protecting earth and the solar system. In this interview, Randy will discuss the latest intel he has received from his superiors on the 4 stages that need to occur before the 5th stage - when the Med Bed and other advanced tech rolls outs. He spells out the details of what may occur and how to keep yourself safe IF this happens.

*Note from Merrily: I do NOT see this happening, or necessary on our timeline at all. Randy  ... 

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