Part 1: Keep Your Innocence & Drop Your Naiveté to Protect Your Children with Tony Rodrigues

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Merrily Milmoe interviews Tony Rodrigues in this first of a two-part series. Tony is a 20-year Experiencer in the Secret Space Program’s Intergalactic Slave Trade and Human Trafficking. Tony shares his vast and varied experiences; kidnapped at 9 years old to become a slave. He was taken aboard a Secret Spacecraft that took him to off-world to Ceres, Mars, and Moon colonies that were built and run by corporations in business and trade agreements with some service-to-self ETs. It is our duty to become more aware and understand what has been going on to humans for thousands of years on Earth(Terra). It is only by becoming more knowledgeable, that we gain greater discernment to see through and avoid the sneaky pitfalls that have happened to thousands of people and children, without their families even knowing. It is important to also know about the a ... 

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