Participate in Galactic Meeting that Determined Survival of Humanity On Earth

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

This show is a collaborative creation from Elena and Merrily appropriate for the whole family, produced in a "multi-media” fashion - to learn about one of the most important historical Galactic Federation of Worlds High Council meetings, where members were determining and voting whether or not to let Humans on Terra (Earth) destroy themselves within several decades or whether they would assist us. I thought it would be fun and different to do it in this way rather than in a straight interview. Elena's book, "Resilience" is full of historical treasures and stellar romance. PLEASE SHARE with friends and family - CREATED for ALL AGES! Hint: Make your screen as big as you can to watch and turn up the music when it comes on, so you can feel more immersed in it. We hope you enjoy it, Merrily & Elena

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