Regenerative Medical Bed Roll-Outs with Alex Collier & Elena Danaan

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Andromedan Emissary and Galactic Historian, Alex Collier & Galactic Federation of World’s Emissary, Elena Danaan

2022 Details and Roll Out plans for Regenerative Medical Beds & other advancements Are we fixed on the Positive Timeline - for sure? 2 most important qualities for humanity to practice now? "What Leadership Is"

Elena shares latest details from Pleiadian CDR Thor Han on Med Beds being built for us & details on how med beds work, and the ways they’re healing the rescued trafficked children and military vets on the med beds. * Elena’s detailed personal experience having her tumor healed on a Medical Bed in France within one hour!

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