EP40-Surprise! Why Human Bodies Were Created? Why Ascension? w/Feline Guardian, Kristy Martindale

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Welcome back to EP40 from EP 39, where this is a seamless continuation.

Please listen to EP 39 first!

This show is one of the most important sharings in my entire Cosmic Brilliance series. Our Feline Christos Guardian, Kristy Martindale is back again, as we share in a collaborative and interactive style. I have compiled and synthesized very important and “freeing” information from one of my favorite guardian historians, Lisa Renee, and from reincarnated Feline Jelaila Starr. We supply you with long-awaited answers to have key understandings of why you are really here and how important you are!

So many important details are covered in this show regarding the Fall & Fragmentation of Man, Why the beginning of Polarity started, Why Ascension was created, and What’s the single most coveted prize and underlying purpose for  ... 

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REAL Emerald Tablets, Missing Dead Sea Scrolls, Crystal Skulls, Soloman Seals, Fall of Man, Star Gates, Feline ‘Christos’ Guardian, Kristy Martindale