EP39 - Meet Christos Creator Guardian of Feline Founder Race who Created Humans, Fall of Man & more with Kristy Martindale

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Welcome to this Interactive, collaborative show with Feline Guardian ‘Christos’ Warrior, Kristy Martindale. Kristy has full memory of herself before this life while being in the Hall of Records above Earth, waiting to incarnate again on earth.

She shares details of how one literally incarnates into earth and what literally happened to all our souls when 3 major higher D Stargates were attacked and destroyed - contributing to the splintering and fragmentation of the ‘Fall of Man’ from 5D & higher dimensions down to 3 D.

Kristy will be here to add and/or subtract what I consider some of the most essential points you need to know to understand Who truly created you as the Human Race, and Why you forgot.

You will be introduced to the 2 (3) Founder Races who were successful in a previous universal game and ... 

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Christos,Founder/Seeder races, Origin of Man, Feline/Cats,Feline/Humanoids, Guardians, warriors, Fall of Man, Ka’Tai, Umrah, Lyra