EP34 - Shock: Source Has No Control Over What Happens? 4 Levels of Earth Consciousness, Wipe or? with Apollymi

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

This is an immediate continuation of Ep 33, so please listen to Episode 33 first!

This episode is to gain more clarity from Apollymi’s specific and vast wisdom, some of it surprising.

• The high-level Arbor Council – Apollymi was asked to join – did she accept? • Consequences of Breaking Council Rules = strictest punishment • Shocker! “Source has no control over what happens to it & doesn’t know the outcome • Have Creators ever failed & if they do - what happens? • Apollymi’s percent & reasons that we’ve failed so far in this experiment and what advice she has! • Difference between “Timeline Divergence” & “Total Shutdown” • Apollymi lived 2020 three times & what happened • What is ‘Universe Zero’? • Timelines, Codes, & ‘World Generators’ • What do World Generators do and why are they important in creation? • 4  ... 

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