Part 6 - Stop Pain! Pilot Your Brain as a Tool for You Have the Hospital In You! Make Your Own Med Bed/Pod at Home, with Elsa

Cosmic Brilliance by Merrily Milmoe

Episode notes

Welcome back to Part 6 where Elsa will guide you through fun and simple ways to Awaken to greater Health & Awareness. You will learn how to Pilot your Brain as a Tool, especially when in physical pain. Elsa and her 10-member family all joyfully and successfully learned to maximize their health & healing while recovering Naturally from broken back, broken wrists, car accidents, etc.

So much is being recently talked about Holographic Medical Pods - but I believe roll out will be a while still. So, instead of waiting for roll-outs of Med Pods, we get creative and learn how to take the first Baby-Steps that are doable = Simple Steps towards making your own Med Bed/Pod in your bedrooms at home. This assuredly leads to better health, peace, and quality of sleep, & also energetically improves relationships.