The Clinton Crime Family: The Rodham Syndicate #94

Con Men Podcast by Sean Anchondo

Episode notes

The Clinton Crime family goes farther then most people think. Hillary Clintons father was part of the Chicago mob. Hillary and Bill Clinton were criminal masterminds. With Hillary's criminal roots, she was able to manipulate, scam, and even murder people on her way to becoming the First Lady. Hillary was involved in real estate scams, stock exchange manipulation, while Bill was involved in the drug smuggling drug scene. The Clinton's had to do a lot of dirty laundry before they started to run the powerful country in the world.This is part 1 of the multi-part series of the Clinton Crime Family. Let me know what you guys think! If you like the show, please help out the show by leaving us a 5 star review on iTunes or Spotify. ---------This episode is brought to you by Chemical Free Body. Go to

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