Antony Kidman, The CIA, and the Satanic Death Cult #93

Con Men Podcast by Sean Anchondo

Episode notes

For the final episode of the October serial killer series, we decided to cover a deadly pedophile ring in Australia. Some of the people that were allegedly involved were people as high ranking as the prime minister of Australia, Antony Kidman (Nicole Kidman's father), and even Richard Nixon. We followed the story of the "Candy Girl" Fiona Barnett and her experiences with the pedophile ring where she witnessed kids being murdered for sport. She claimed that they would use dogs to hunt and kill children in a game called "Teddy Bears Picnic". If you like the show, please help us out by leaving us 5 stars on iTunes or Spotify and don't forget to leave a comment.-----------------This episode is brought to you by Chemical Free Body. Go to ChemicalFreeBody.com and use promo code ConMen al ... 

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